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2mm Sand Screen Sieve

Screening and TransmissionSand is defined as particles that range in size from 2.0 mm to 0.125 mm. The easiest method to select this range is with a sand sieve. Pour your sand through the sieve to eliminate any large particles.

Sieve analysis is performed by shaking a sample of sand through a series of five screens with a catch pan at the bottom. Each sieve size is smaller that the one before so that, after 5 minutes of shaking the sieve set, the sand will either be retained on top of the sieves or passed through the sieves. The sieve sizes used in these instructions were specifically selected for analyzing sand for the bio sand filter. This means that the sand should have already been sieved through a #24 screen to remove the coarse sand before taking the sample.

Example Sand Sieve Analysis

Sieve Size Cumulative Sand Retained
On the Sieve – Read From
Graduated Cylinder (A)
Percent Retained
On the Seive
Percent Passing
Through the Sieve
#24 0 ml 0 % 100 %
#40 17.1 ml 18.0 % 82.0 %
#60 72.9 ml 76.7 % 23.3 %
#80 87.8 ml 92.4 % 7.6 %
#150 94.6 ml 99.6 % 0.4 %
Catch pan 95 ml (B) 100 % 0 %

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